K2V-Cup for Keurig Vue Brewers – Use Any K-Cup in Vue Brewers

K2v cup shot box

The K2V-Cup allows you to use any K-Cup in a Keurig Vue brewer. The K2V-Cup is a 2 in 1 Coffee reusable Coffee Cup. You can use any K-Cup in your Keurig Vue Machine, and you can use your own coffee in the Keurig Vue by filling the Eco-Fill – a reusable K-Cup which comes with the K2V-Cup. 

We received a K2V-Cup to try out in our Keurig Vue brewer, and it quickly transformed our Vue brewer into a K-Cup powerhouse. We tried a variety of K-Cups and results were always a great cup of coffee every time. We also used the Eco-Fill combined with the K2V-Cup to use our own coffee, and the coffee produced was excellent.

Shotofcup v2 cupThe K2V-Cup comes with an ECO-FILL reusable filter. 

You remove it to use K-Cups

Shot inbrewer needle v2 cup

 You insert the K2V-Cup into the VUE brewer, and you can 

see the needle at the bottom punctures the K-Cup so you can use K-Cups

in your Vue brewer.

Kcup in vue v2 cup

We used Marley Coffee K-Cups and the coffee produced was excellent.

Brewing cup v2 cup

 Great coffee every time using the K2V-Cup in our Keurig Vue Brewer.

The K2V-Cup for Keurig Vue Brewers is available direct at the EZCups site, and at Amazon.com. If you’re looking to use K-Cup in your Keurig Vue brewer the K2V-Cup is for you.

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